Site B

Site B is located just to the north of the National Highway connecting Athens with Lebadeia, at its 92 km mark. It lies to the northwest of Site A and extends over approximately 1.03 hectares on the low ground west of Kazarma. In antiquity it would probably have been proximal to the southern shore of Lake Copais, which was drained in the late-nineteenth century. The remains at Site B were largely unknown to nineteenth-century travelers and researchers.

In the late 1960s architectural features were summarily noted in the area. Rescue excavations conducted by the Ninth Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in 1973 and 1991 revealed the outlines of a major stoa-like structure with chambers seeming to flank an open space. In 1991, two small bronze voting tokens bearing Boeotian shields were found. They were evidently used by representatives of the Boeotian League, an organization that is known from the literary sources to have met in the sanctuary. Thus, Site B seems to have been part of the same, vast sanctuary complex parts of which were also unearthed at Site A.