The 2020 Campaign

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the third study season of the Onchestos Excavation Project had to be cancelled. Instead we focused almost exclusively on completing the excavation database in New York. Until January 2021, almost all excavation data were uploaded to the Onchestos Excavation Database. This work comprised entering metadata to exactly

  • 3,538 trench photographs,
  • 13,715 object photographs,
  • 2,466 trench-plans and notebook entries.
  • Overall, 19,719 individual entries.

Links were drawn among all individual data entries within the network of the database records. The result is a database with finalized records for each excavated context and complete catalog records for each find. Finally, all site-wide photos, scanned excavation logs, photographs of finds, as well as excavation-wide inventories were uploaded to the database, organized, and linked to the metadata.

The work was overseen by the director of the excavation, Professor Ioannis Mylonopoulos, executed by David Schneller and Morgan Turner, and supported by The Media Center for Art History (Columbia University).