The 2019 Campaign

(second study season)

The second study season of the Onchestos Excavation Project was conducted from July 1 to July 26, 2019. The team team focused on studying, photographing, and cataloging the pottery and finds from the 2014-2017 excavation campaigns at Site A and Site B. During the four-week study season, we catalogued the pottery from the Stoa at Site A and the pottery from all the trenches associated with the circular structure, southern rooms (oikoi), and the large rectangular building at Site B. The team’s work consisted of counting, photographing, and writing detailed descriptions of each pottery assemblage, identifying vessel forms, and noting joins, decoration, and fabric. Several fragments from both sites exhibit rouletting, stamping, and mold-made relief, features of ceramic decoration and manufacture characteristic of the Hellenistic period. On one mold-made relief fragment, a rampant goat was identified.

In 2019, the team team also cataloged the ceramic vessels found at Site A and Site B. The work included studying the notebook entries and trench plans, writing detailed descriptions, and taking accurate measurements of each find. During the study, several miniature vessels from Site A were identified including a calyx krater, a kantharos, and several carinated drinking cups. The vessels from Site B also included a miniature kantharos as well as storage vessels that were found in the area of the southern rooms (oikoi). With the guidance of our conservator Kiki Karagianni, the team succeeded in reassembling an almost completely preserved pan tile comprising over twenty fragments of architectural terracotta found at Site B. This roof tile will provide us with valuable information about the architectural reconstruction of the buildings at Site B.