Pind. Fr. 94b

Abbreviated Work Title: 

Pi. Fr.94b






Poem Parth fragment 94b, ll. 38-49


πιστὰ̄ δ’ Ἀγασικˈλέει
  μάρτυς ἤλυθον ἐς χορόν
 ἐσλοῖς τε γονεῦσιν (40)
ἀμφὶ πˈροξενίαισι· τί-
  μαθεν γὰρ τὰ πάλαι τὰ νῦν
  τ’ ἀμφικτιόνεσσιν
ἵππων τ’ ὠκυπόδων πο̣[λυ-
   γˈνώτοις ἐπὶ νίκαις, (45)
{2Δʹ (Εʹ)}2 αἷς ἐν ἀϊόνεσσιν Ὀγχη[στοῦ κλυ]τ̣ᾶς,
  ταῖς δὲ ναὸν Ἰτωνίας α̣[.......]α
χαίταν στεφάνοις ἐκό-
  σμηθεν ἔν τε Πίσᾳ πε̣ριπ̣[
(desunt vv. aut 8 aut 23) (49)


As a loyal witness for Agasicles
  I have come to the dance
and for his noble parents
because of their hospitality, for both long ago
  and still today they have been honored
  by their neighbors
for their celebrated victories
  with swift-footed horses,
for which on the shores of famous Onchestus
  and also by the splendid temple of Itonia
they embellished their hair with garlands
  and at Pisa . . .
    (8 or 23 verses are missing)
(and the root?)
holy . . . to Thebes
  of the seven gates.